Ken Chaplin - Managing Director

Gazelle Wind Turbines Ltd was established in 1998, when The MKW Group responded to research by the North Energy Associates, specialists in renewable energy, which indicated a market niche for small to medium size wind turbines. A prototype machine was completed with assistance through a Department of Trade and Industry SMART grant.

Wind turbine at Sunderland

Wind turbine at

The Gazelle provides an elegant power solution for medium-sized users, such as schools, small businesses, rural companies, water works and eco-centres. Its 11m carbon fibre epoxy rotor generates 20kW of electricity, offering scope for users to supply energy back to the National Grid and offset charges for power.

Gazelle was initially run by Dr Garry Jenkins, a founding director of North Energy Associates, who brought his considerable experience in wind energy to the business. Under new Managing Director Ken Chaplin, Gazelle is now well positioned for further growth in this vibrant sector.

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